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AXV (structures)

Simon Abela (Spatial planning and ID)

Sara Brincat (FF&E and ID)

Interior Architecture Award for Hospitality and Tourism projects_Winner_Option 3.png

Firsthand experience of the ergonomic flow, varied textures, chromatic hues and multi-layered spatial ambiance of the interior spaces, bridges between the physical and phenomenological - act as a prime trigger of emotional resonance. As a result, the curated proposition and balance of these elements was understood as an essential outcome of our reimagination of the ODYCY Hotel public areas; an operational tool enabling the Hotel to claim a truthful market position to deliver on the promise of a memorable and authentic guest experience. As project architects, we leveraged the contextual design approach developed for the nearby Lido and Hotel’s extension to enhance the authentic guest experience. The nearby coastline of Qawra is a major anchor of its identity, embodying multiple layers from the wave-carved shores to traces of human ingenuity like saltpans once present on site, bridging the natural and cultural realms. The hotel renovation aimed to reinstate its landmark identity while adapting to modern hospitality needs. The lobby, now the core of the accommodation experience, blends the natural coastline echoes with vibrant guest energy. Predominant columns from the original hotel were strategically integrated into the lobby design, creating intimate spaces within the larger volume and reinforcing a connection to the landscape. Frequent discussions on meaning of space, variety significance, and hotel operations were pivotal in conceptualizing this large-scale gesture. Custom-designed furniture and varied textures evoke the sensory richness of the Mediterranean. The juxtaposition of elements, from warm timber to elegant stone, envelops guests in a sophisticated, comfortable space, fostering belonging and a profound connection to the landscape just beyond the hotel's threshold. We developed a commitment to blurring indoor - outdoor boundaries, inviting guests on a sensory journey transcending traditional hospitality - offering diverse culinary experiences, atmospheres, and varied ambiances, allowing for an ever-changing understanding of the hotel. Through this process of transformation, the ODYCY Hotel delivers a destination that nurtures a strong sense of place and belonging – a ‘home away from home’ that inspires the desire for discovery and novelty - a reinterpretation of Qawra’s layered history and contextual weaving of the hotel into the broader urban narrative.

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