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box concept studio is a Malta-based architecture and design firm focused on innovation, process and dialogue. Its core thought processes revolve around understanding through research and the search for meaning in architecture. Its workshop comprises a vibrant collaborative of architects and creatives whose design rationale puts the qualities of the project and the requirements of the client at its centre. Box concept studio seeks new understandings through dialogue providing a platform that is open to engage with clients, creatives, academics and students alike in an attempt to identify new perspectives. The team is actively involved within the UoM Faculty for the Built Environment as visiting lecturers in both B.Sc. and Masters programmes. This exposes the studio to fresh, vibrant and contemporary energy that parallels a deep rooted passion for technical know-how and good practice. Box concept studio is a creative workshop of ideas that evolve in process and continuity - a workshop that strives in recognizing the conceptual and physical tools that permeate its architecture and allow its innovation. The team partakes in small and large scale projects alike, striving to achieve quality, maximizing its potentials for knowledge in proportion, detail, material, scale, sustainability and experiential design. The result of all this is an architecture in open dialogue with the client, environment and context.

JingYao Xu.jpg

JingYao Xu

co-founder | architect

Peter Brincat.jpg

Peter Brincat

co-founder | architect

Isaac Buttigieg

John Bajada.jpg

John Bajada


Isaac Buttigieg.jpg
Miguel Petrovic.jpg

Miguel Petrovic

Judith Hunter.jpg

Judith Hunter


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